Invest your money:

  1. ProjectInvestors_CLwaveIR001 (easily invest your money & get paid monthly, no time with no hassle…)(#CL1PT02001)
  2. On our startups (new or restarted) technology-based, other types… (simply invest your money on one or more of our new or restarted projects which could be in cooperation with your company or other organizations) (#CL1PT02002)
  3. Order/Pre-order any acceptable projects by us, and you will earn money when you get paid by your own circle of customers = invest your money to your own business by outsourced business plans (just order the BP) (#CL1PT02003)
  4. Or outsourced operations (order the actions/operations/equipments/products/services to us – you may even invite us to become your Elite Affiliate Member or Exclusive Agent/Reseller, and we simply increase your market and customers)(#CL1PT02004)




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