1. Start a new business with us! (Re)Start a business with CLwave(IR) Business Plan (Startup):

_Our own BP and our own company project inside our company (#CL3PT01001)

_Our own BP and our own company team in another place such as University Startups (#CL3PT01002)

_Our own BP and our own team but in cooperation with another team/company (#CL3PT01003)

_Another BP from someone else or other companies or third parties in which part of the BP (or even the prototype product/service) is from outside CLwave(IR) (#CL3PT01004)

_Restarting or upgrading our own product/service in CLwave(IR) (#CL3PT01005)

_(Re)start or upgrade of another project/business outside CLwave(IR) with our help; either for the BP consultation (#CL3PT01006), or for the BP Implementation (#CL3PT01007)



2. Starting a new business with yourself :

_Crowd Fundraising (making a business on your own), either make your Crowd Fundraising campaign by our help (#CL3PT01008), or make it with CLwave(IR) [Sponsorship Project] (#CL3PT01009)


_Freelancing (become a freelancer outside our company by our Business Consultation Plans –> Option-3: working for your own passion) (#CL3PT01010), or simply work with us –> Option-2 (#CL3PT01011)


_Start your career at CLwave(IR) – visit our job portal; Make a short-term or long-term goal for your life, and then cooperate with us (#CL3PT01012)



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